Is Redgrave Family Cursed? Top 7 Secrets

They were considered acting royalty, but the tragedies that have befallen the Redgrave/Richardson dynasty, capped most recently with actress Lynn Redgrave's death, all seemed to play into the tale of the Redgrave family curse.

Lynn Redgrave died Sunday night at the age of 67 after a seven-year battle with breast cancer, her children said in a statement.

Only a year ago, her niece, actress Natasha Richardson, died at age 45 from injuries sustained in a skiing accident. Last month, her older brother Corin, also an actor, died at age 70 after a short illness. He too had battled cancer.

VIDEO: The British actress died from breast cancer in her Connecticut home.

As celebrated as they were for their acting talent, the Redgrave siblings, including elder sister and acclaimed actress Vanessa Redgrave, were plagued by divorces, scandals and addiction. And the supposed curse, coined by the British media, seemed to carry over to the next generation, including Vanessa Redgrave's daughter Natasha Richardson.

Lynn Redgrave often spoke candidly about her troubled family and personal struggles in interviews and her one-woman stage performances.

She used her icy relationship with father Sir Michael Redgrave, a celebrated stage actor who later came out as bisexual, as fodder for her successful one-woman show "Shakespeare for My Father."

Redgrave Family Tragedies, Triumphs

But her crumbling marriage to theatrical director John Clark drew more headlines. After 32 years of marriage and three children, Clark confessed to Redgrave that years earlier he had an affair with his daughter-in-law, Nicolette Hannah, before Hannah married their son Benjamin.

Clark was also the father of Hannah's son Zachary. The child Lynn Redgrave always believed was her "surrogate grandson" was instead her husband's illegitimate son.

Redgrave quickly filed for divorce, but not before Clark gave a tell-all interview to a tabloid. Redgrave countered with her own interview in the Times of London. "I've discovered a lifetime of betrayal from my husband," she tearfully told the paper. "It was right beneath my nose for eight years."

VIDEO: Natasha Richardson accidental death

In 1983, Lynn Redgrave, who became a film sensation in the 1960s with "Georgy Girl," began starring in U.S. commercials for Weight Watchers. Before that she battled bulimia, telling People Magazine in 1992 that bingeing and purging "felt like a great discovery, as I suppose it is to most people. People complimented me on my weight, but inside I felt like s***."

In 2003, Redgrave learned she had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and treatment at New York's Sloan Kettering Hospital. She wrote about her battle in a 2004 book written with her daughter Annabel Clark, "Journal: A Mother and Daughter's Recovery From Breast Cancer." Redgrave ultimately died of the disease.

She'll be remembered for her gutsy performances in "Georgy Girl" and "Gods and Monsters," but her family's troubled history will also be part of her legacy. Here is more from the Redgrave/Richardson family:

Michael Redgrave:

The family patriarch, Sir Michael Redgrave, was an acclaimed British stage and screen actor. He married fellow actress Rachel Kempson and they remained together for 50 years until his death. Over the years he had multiple affairs with men.

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