Petra Ecclestone: Inside the Fabulous Life of 22-Year-Old Heiress


Petra on Paris: 'She's a Really Clever Businesswoman'

Ecclestone's older sister, Tamara, 27, is cut from similar cloth. The fellow millionaire, who has been spotted sun bathing on her father's yacht in St. Tropez, France, has a reality TV show. Together, do the siblings bear a passing resemblance to socialites like Paris and Nicky Hilton?

"There's always going to be some kind of comparison because, obviously, the Hiltons are seen as heiresses, and they come from a good family or whatever and they're sisters," Ecclestone said. "I think what Paris Hilton has done with herself and the brand is really clever. She's a really clever businesswoman."

To her credit, Ecclestone seems more grounded than one might expect.

"My mom never had us with nannies. She brought us up completely by herself ... and my dad is a very simple, humble person, so I think if you've not grown up in this kind of lavish type of lifestyle with loads of maids and butlers, I think that definitely does ground you," she said.

Though she has embraced that lavish lifestyle today, with her homes and Birkin handbags, Ecclestone insists she's not spoiled.

"I'm not spoiled. I'm privileged and I think there's a huge difference in that," she said. "I'm very humble and fortunate and grateful for everything that my parents were able to achieve and how hard they've worked."

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