"Poker Face" Reveals Lady Gaga's Food, Weight, Psychological Issues

Below, five shocking revelations from "Poker Face:"

On Gaga's diet circa May 2009: She was suffering from lack of sleep, perpetual jet lag, and a rigorous, self-imposed diet. "She'd say, 'I can't have that, I can't have that,'" David Ciemny, Lady Gaga's former tour manager says. "She always wanted salads, deli meat and cheese, and hummus and chicken -- that was her big thing, hummus and grilled chicken. If she had something fried, she'd say, 'I totally splurged.'"

Like just about every other famous young girl, Lady Gaga had to keep her weight at a ridiculously low level. "From the first time we met her and measured her and checked her for the final [ensembles], she'd lost twenty pounts," says a costumer who worked with her last year. "She self-proclaimed that she didn't eat for weeks to fit into the clothes."

VIDEO: Lady Gagas former tour manager says she stays thin with extreme dieting.
Ex-Manager: Gaga Has Eating Disorder

Maureen Callahan's "Poker Face."

On how Gaga regained her energy: Angela, Ciemny's wife and Gaga's former personal assistant, thinks Gaga's only escape was the hospital. "I think these were times when it was like, 'I can't be pushed. I need to check out.'" The usual course of treatment, David says, was an IV bag filled with saline and electrolytes and a B-12 shot for energy.

On Gaga's neediness, circa 2008: She couldn't be on her own, not for a minute, not even to take a shower or a nap. ... Gaga had recruited David Ciemny's wife, Angela, to work as her personal assistant, with the promise that she'd be "really nice" to work for. Angela says she was reluctant; she'd wanted David off the tour so she could conceive. Gaga convinced her: "She said, 'Angela, if you come on tour with me, I'll let you sleep with David so you can get pregnant.' And she would tell me, every night, 'OK, Ange, you and Dave can go in the back of the bus from ten o'clock to midnight.'"

VIDEO: A Bulgarian man turns to plastic surgeons to help him look like Lady Gaga.
Man Wants Sex Change to Look Like Gaga

In reality, says Angela, she wound up sleeping with Gaga more often than her own husband. She says there was nothing sexual about it; Gaga couldn't sleep without someone next to her in bed.

On Gaga's physical insecurities: For all her bravado on the set, [photographer Warwick Saint] says, "she had a bit of a complex about her nose. She was considering having it done, but I told her not to."

On Gaga's act at a burlesque bar in New York City's Lower East Side, circa 2007: "She would do some grinding, get down to pasties and a G-string. She was bringing in some interesting and odd elements ... "It was a strip show," Fusari [Gaga's first producer] has said. "I was like, anyone who came to that show didn't come for the music. And it really started to bother her father. I think now he knows it's part of the act, an extreme, 'Alice in Wonderland'-type thing."

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