Drugs, Partying and Teen Motherhood: 'Preachers' Daughters' Exposes Faith-Based Family Struggles Behind the Pulpit


The Perry family strongly disagrees. It believes showing off its missteps will help others with their own challenges.

"We will be judged, but we are walking out our Christianity," said Olivia's mother, Cheryl Perry. "We're showing love, we're accepting, we're forgiving."

"I don't mind being accountable for the decisions I make or the things that I do," Mark Perry said. "But I think judgment from afar, you know, it's unfortunate in our culture -- we have a culture where cowardly people can become very brave behind a laptop computer."

Olivia Perry is now enrolled in community college, she has a job and said having Eden was the best thing that could have happened to her. She said she is no longer embarrassed to be a preacher's daughter either.

"I'm proud of it now," she said." I love that I'm a Preachers' daughter now. I don't want to prove it wrong or rebel against that label. I'm OK with it."

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