Prince William and Kate Middleton Talk About the Moment, the Ring, Children


TB: You are obviously going to enter this family, the most famous royal family in the world. William's mother was this massive iconic figure. The most famous figure of our age, is that worrying? Is that intimidating? Do you think about that a lot both of you, you particularly Kate, obviously?

Miss Middleton: Obviously I would have loved to have met her and she's obviously she's an inspirational woman to look up to. Obviously on this day and you know going forward and things, you know it is a wonderful family, the members who I've met have achieved a lot and you know very inspirational and so, yes, I do.

William: There's no pressure though. There's no pressure, like Kate said it is about carving your own future. No one is going to try to fill my mother's shoes, what she did was fantastic. It's about making your own future and your own destiny and Kate will do a very good job of that.

TB: This is a life in the public domain to a degree that you can't escape, you both know that. You (William) obviously know it better than Kate does, you are obviously very protective of her.

William: Massively so. Of course. Her and her family, I really want to make sure they have the best sort of guidance and chance to see what life has been like or what life is like in the family, and that's kind of almost why I have been waiting this long, As I wanted to give her a chance to see in and to back out if she needed to before it all got too much. Because I'm not trying to learn from lessons done in the past and I just wanted to give her the best chance to settle in and to see what happens on the other side.

Miss Middleton: I'm also glad that I've had the time to sort of grow and understand myself more as well so hopefully do good job.

TB: Part of the reason it has taken you so long is you've both spent a long time contemplating the future, being calm about it, pondering it, thinking about it, is that right?

William: It is. We've talked about it lots. So it's always been something we've had a good chat about and you know like I said both of us have come to the decision pretty much together, I just chose when to do it and how to do it and obviously being a real romantic I did it extremely well. (Laughing)

TB: Kate, just coming to a close people have you know put some, placed some criticisms of you about your work and so on, does that hurt? How do you respond to people who say those things?

Miss Middleton: Well I think I know I've been working very hard for the family business, and sometimes those days are long days and you know I think if I know I'm working hard and I'm pulling my weight both work and playing hard at the same time, you know I think everyone who I work with can see I am there pulling my weight and that's really what matters to me.

TB: You know your family as you've said that you are very close, does it hurt about what's said or do you let it run off your collective backs on the grounds that's just what you have go to live with?

Miss Middleton: Well again I think, if you … the people around home are very supportive to us and you know those are the people who really matter to us, our close friends and family and I think if sort of they feel you are doing the right thing you can only be sort of true to yourself and you sort of have to ignore a lot of what's said, obviously take it on board, but you know you have to be yourself really and that's how I have stuck by it really.

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