'How Do You Know' Not Typical Romantic Comedy


"A friend of mine and I went on a double date with these two girls and … we were trying to impress the girls and make each other laugh …" Rudd said. "[So] it started off innocently enough with my friend kicking his shoe 30 feet in the air just as we were walking around the street and it really struck me as funny. … I tried to out-do him. Until … I jumped on a mailbox … and each thing kept escalating. The girls didn't laugh at any of these [stunts] but it ended finally [when] we were driving back and I thought it would be funny … in the middle of a conversation [to] jump out of the jeep and run alongside and keep the conversation going as if it was normal. But I didn't take into account that when you're going slow[ly] in the car it's still really fast. I was in the middle of the conversation and just stepped out of the car and fell so hard on the road [that] I ripped my jeans … cut up my hands, and … felt the tire whoosh past my head and I looked up and in a split second the car was already 50 feet from me, going into a tree. [Everyone in the car was] completely shell-shocked and I felt so stupid and then just drove home in silence. That was the only date I had with her."

Romance In The Air

While they were filming the movie Nicholson was taken aback when Wilson invited him on a date of their own. "Though I didn't get to work with Owen … the only contact I had with him [was when] he called me up when [I first started filming and] all he said was, 'Hey you want to uh shoot machine guns?' I thought, 'Oh my God, all these guys think I'm adventurous. What a date!'" Nicholson said.

When Witherspoon added, "He invited me too. It's kinda awesome," Wilson felt the need to elaborate. "Somehow a friend knew somebody with one of the embassies that had a tennis court and then when they let us on to play tennis they had a machine gun range underneath the embassy that then they took us to shoot on," Wilson said.

So "how do you know" if American moviegoers will go on a blind date with a romantic comedy about a lady sports prodigy? The answer: How Do You Know opens in theaters nationwide on December 17th.

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