Steamiest NC-17 Flims: From Midnight Cowboy to Blue Valentine


Also released in 1969, when "The Wild Bunch" hit theatres it bore the more inclusive R rating. It is often ranked among the best American movies ever made.

But in a strange twist of ratings fate, when it was rereleased in 1993 – three years after the MPAA changed its ratings protocol – it was branded with an NC-17.

The film, about a gang of outlaws in 1913 Texas, stirred controversy for its gory depictions of violence and death.

'Last Tango In Paris'

1972's romantic drama "Last Tango in Paris" starred Marlon Brando as an aging American widower who has a lengthy anonymous sexual tryst with a young Parisian woman.

The film, which ends in murder and accusations of rape, was given an X rating. ABC News's Harry Reasoner at the time called the film "pornography disguised as art."

A 1981 edited version of the film got an R rating, but when the film was rereleased in 1997 it was given an NC-17.


One of the most panned movies ever produced, 1995's "Showgirls," starring Elizabeth Berkely, received an NC-17 rating for "nudity and erotic sexuality throughout, some graphic language and sexual violence." In addition to numerous nude scenes the film also depicted drug use and a rape.

Labeled a sexploitation film, the film follows Berkely's character Nomi as she tries to become a Las Vegas showgirl. The film was so hyped, United Artists sent employees to staff movie theatres across the country to ensure underage viewers did not try to sneak into see the picture.

'The Dreamers'

A small-budget art film, "The Dreamers," about an American student's sexual relationship with a French brother and sister set in 1960's Paris, earned a respectable $2.5 million in U.S. box office receipts despite its NC-17 rating.

Starring Michael Pitt and released in 2003, the film depicted incestuous relationships, threesome sex and male frontal nudity.

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