Lewinsky: TV's Hostest With the Mostess?

The producers are also looking for the right people to have as customers, so there's a casting call for clientele also. Although it's very difficult to get a reservation at some of the more popular places in New York City, I've never had to send a resume and video to be allowed to eat someplace. Though I will say an occasional $20 to the hostess will keep an "unknown" from getting a table by the swinging kitchen door.

So, how realistic is The Restaurant going to be if they're hand-picking the staff and hand-picking the diners based on photos and videotapes?

Well, you're not going to see what many New York restaurant goers claim they've seen — a busboy eating off a plate that he removed from the table or a woman complaining of a hair in her food that doesn't match either her color or that of her dining companion.

You can be just as certain that Mr. Personality won't conclude with the bachelorette getting stuck with the ugliest guy to be alive since the late Marty Feldman.

This leaves us with the fact that, as viewers, we're being duped once again into another collection of TV shows that are neither reality nor entertainment. Hollywood has run dry of creative ideas and writers so they've taken the easy way out.

More than anything else, viewers are watching out of necessity because there's virtually no other new programming. And that, my friends, is the real reality.

Heidi Oringer is director of entertainment programming at ABCNEWS Radio.

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