Anne Robinson Tops Mr. Blackwell's List

Game show host Anne Robinson is fashion's weakest link, topping Mr. Blackwell's list of the Worst Dressed Women of 2001.

Mr. Blackwell says Robinson looks like "Harry Potter in drag."

Britney Spears, last year's No. 1 Worst Dressed Woman, came in second for being a "re-hashed Madonna ... on a really bad day."

Mr. Blackwell has a reputation for turning celebrities into mincemeat. He calls Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche, a "haute couture catastrophe."

"Bootylicious" musical trio Destiny's Child shared the No. 4 slot. They were dubbed a "trilogy of taste-free terror".

‘A Swan Lake Mistake’

Mr Blackwell called Icelandic singer Bjork "a Swan Lake mistake" for the bird outfit that she wore to the Oscars last year, which came complete with a beak on her chest and an egg-shaped purse.

Here's what Mr. Blackwell had to say about the other unlucky ladies to catch his attention

Princess Stephanie of Monaco (No. 6): "Her wardrobe has the allure of nuclear waste."

Kate Hudson (No. 7.): "Looks like a cyclone victim from the OK corral."

Camilla Parker Bowles (No. 8): "Packs the punch of a dilapidated Yorkshire pudding."

Cameron Diaz (No. 9): "Chaos in heels, period!"

Gillian Anderson (No. 10): "A grunge plunge resembling an escape from a Bohemian barbecue."

ABCNEWS' Buck Wolf contributed to this report.