Allman Bros. Founder Arrested

Former Allman Brothers member Dickey Betts was arrested Saturday on battery charges for allegedly assaulting his wife.

The legendary guitarist, who left the Allman Brothers last year after 32 years with the group, was released from a Florida jail Sunday on $2,000 bail. He told police he "did not know how the victim received her injury," according to The Associated Press.

Betts, 57, was charged with domestic battery and is accused of punching his wife Donna Betts in the face while she was driving.

As a founding member of the Allman Brothers, Betts wrote "Rambling Man," which remains one of the group's most recognizable tunes.

Betts has had previous run-ins with the law, including a domestic battery conviction in January. He was also charged in 1996 for allegedly putting a gun to his wife's head. She told authorities he was using cocaine at the time of the incident and the charge was dropped when the pair agreed to enter a drug rehabilitation program.

Beatles' Autographs With Pizza

We all know you "Can't Buy Me Love." But if you don't have big bucks, you can't buy a pizza-stained piece of paper bearing the autograph of three of the Beatles.

An anonymous Australian collector paid $24,000 for the Fab Four collectible, which is missing Ringo Starr. The drummer was in the hospital when his bandmates played Adelaide, Australia, in 1964 and the autographs were given.

Apparantly the greasy spot was part of the appeal in the bidding. The stain appears to have a thumbprint that could belong to John Lennon, Paul McCartney or George Harrison.

Elevating to the Record Books

U2 is on track to achieve one of the top-grossing tours in history.

The Irish rockers have been talking about bringing their Elevation tour back to North America. The 25 dates would gross another $33 million for the outing, according to The Times of London. The group has already taken in $142 million worldwide.

The added returns would place U2 behind the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, who top the list of the most profitable tours of all time.


No Doubt is releasing its next album, Rock Steady, on Dec. 18. … Radiohead dance remixes are the new craze in Ibiza, with all the DJs on the Spanish resort island scrambling to find the bootleg recordings, according to the Web site Music Goes On. … And Debbie Gibson may be trying to shed her teen star image these days, but she's not forgetting that genre. The singer, now known as Deborah, will open for several of 'N Sync's upcoming concerts.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.