Now Hear This: Anastacia

Anastacia: God, that was amazing; I can't even believe I was part of that situation. Elton John actually reviewed my album last year when it was going to come out here; instead, the album didn't come out, but Elton John ended up becoming a fan and started watching my career as it happened in Europe. He would call up my manager on very rare occasions to clue into what I was doing. All of a sudden in September he called up and said, "Hey, I was wondering if Anastacia wanted to sing with me at my Madison Square Garden concert as a duet." My manager was like, "Oh my God — are you trying to kill my artists? She's going to have a heart attack." After I had my heart attack, I said, "Yes, that would be fabulous." He let me pick the song, too, and I knew I had to come out with some real ball-breaking, ball-busting thing that would let me sass across the stage. I had to go there.

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