Music Notes: Psychedelic Furs Reunion

If Sting can do a Jaguar commercial, then why not have Madonna lending her name to BMW?

The singer has reportedly signed on to appear in an ad campaign for the stylish autos. Guess they're not too concerned about her driving abilities, even though she smashes her car into a pole in her latest video "What it Feels Like For a Girl."

According to Time, she'll be paid over a million dollars for the series of commercials, and will also get the car of choice for taking on the job.

Madonna's new hubbie, Guy Ritchie, will direct the ads, which will debut on the Internet before being broadcast on TV. In one of the ads, Madonna reportedly hails a cab to elude a swarm of paparazzi and the driver promises to give her the "ride of her life" — no small task for a woman as experienced as this lady.

Psychedelic Furs Reunion

Eighties pop band the Psychedelic Furs are back on tour after a decadelong hiatus.

"It seems like a permanent thing," said lead singer Richard Butler. "We're planning on getting in the studio and do backing tracks for some songs, certainly when this tour's finished."

The group enjoyed hits like the title song to the Molly Ringwald teen movie Pretty in Pink before Butler went out on his own with his band Love Spit Love. He says now that he's back with his old band, he's happy to perform their most recognizable hits.

"When I go and see a band I hate when somebody talks their way through an old song just to make it different or does a different version of it that isn't as good. I want to hear it, you know.

"The difference is that it's live, and it's not on [the] record and everybody's standing there, right there," said Butler, who admits they're also not tired of the songs given their lengthy hiatus.

"Had we not split up 10 years ago for a break, yeah, we'd probably be doing them acoustically … with the Rockettes in the background or something."


Who better to swivel his hips like Elvis than Ricky Martin. The singer is reportedly in consideration for a remake of Viva Las Vegas from Warner Brothers. … One-hit wonders EMF are putting together a greatest hits CD, and will perform in England in June.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.