Kate Hudson Talks 'Famous'

“Spicoli was my childhood friend,” Hudson jokes. “Fast Times was one of my favorite movies — the classic Phoebe Cates scene, the masturbation scene. All that stuff makes you grow up so fast.”

She found a different sort of education on the set of Almost Famous, which at its root is all about the music. Crowe played '70s tunes on the set before scenes, to get the actors in the mood.

“I was always a big fan of '70s rock,” Hudson says. “But Cameron introduced me to a lot of music I had never listened to.”

During filming, Hudson was exposed to the finer points of music listening. “I started becoming a music fanatic, instead of a music fan,” she says. “I learned how to listen to music differently. You know, that tapping sound that you might think, oh, that’s a cowbell. But it’s really Keith Richards tapping a pencil on a glass. It was important for Penny Lane to listen to music that way.”

She admits her work ethic may have come from another musically themed classic, watching Jennifer Beals try to dance her way into a performance company in Flashdance. She admits to being a fan of the movie. “I loved Flashdance,” she says. “Who didn’t? It’s a guilty pleasure movie. You root for her.” After seeing Almost Famous, there should be plenty of people out there rooting for the likable Hudson as well on Oscar night.

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