Sisqo Jumps From Silver Hair to Silver Screen

Sisqo makes the jump to the big screen this Friday with the release of Get Over It, starring Kirsten Dunst and Martin Short — though getting there required considerable effort.

"I was quite nervous my first day on the set," he says. "I'm fairly new to the acting thing … but at least I didn't suck, so that's a good thing. The actual acting portion of the job is a lot more concentration that I thought it would be."

The concentration was necessary, he says, to get into character. "The difference between [my character] Dennis and Sisqo is, Dennis gets kind of shy when he gets around a girl that he likes, and Dragon don't do that," he laughs. "Where I'm from, I guess you could say I have quote-unquote 'game.'"

Though clearly frustrated by being shut out at the Grammy Awards — "I thought having the biggest song in the world would constitute [winning a Grammy], but I guess not" — and though he's pursuing more television and movie acting opportunities, the "Thong Song" singer's musical prospects are as bright as ever.

He teams with Vitamin C for a cover of Electric Light Orchestra's "September," which runs over the closing credits of Get Over It. Sisqo says he doesn't want the song to be releases as a single, though, because people might think it's from his upcoming album.

The new album is not yet titled, but the singer says he's recorded all but one of its songs. "I have a lot of up-tempo songs on this album," he says. "On [Unleash the Dragon] I tried to do a little more ballads because I realized we were coming from the whole Dru Hill era … and I didn't want to lose my core audience."

As for Dru Hill, he says that though there's a song of the group's on the album, the band is "pretty much the status of the average urban male group: nothing. Hopefully, if my album is a success, then Dru Hill will maybe get the spark in their heart to want to do it again."