Another Hollywood Duo on the Rocks

The recent upheavals in celebrity partnerships have to make one wonder whether it is possible to make a Hollywood romance stick.

Hollywood got another jolt last summer when media darling Meg Ryan left her actor husband Dennis Quaid, with whom she has an 8-year old son, to pursue a relationship with hunky Gladiator star Russell Crowe. Now, apparently, they have split.

And when Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres broke up, Hollywood lost what it thought was one of its more solid gay relationships.

But if breakups are tough for celebrities, divorce can be even more so, says Felder.

"Everyone has their own team," says Felder. "They have sycophants saying `Yeah, baby. You're right!' It's like Caligula [the Roman emperor.] They're always demanding this, demanding that."

David Blaustein of ABC Radio contributed to this report

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