Showbiz Commentary: Heidi Oringer

Or show us Meg Ryan proudly wearing pre-packed aqua blue mittens with matching hat and scarf received from a son who thought the set was ideal for her. Show me Susan Sarandon wearing bangle bracelets that are turning her skin green because they are only dipped in fake silver, not even plated.

I doubt we’ll see any of those things in the weeks or even years to come, but let’s just hope that however they celebrated their holidays, it was with as much love and good wishes as the rest of us share each day …

OK, these sentiments are making me sick as well.

I’m glad I spent my time off with those nearest and dearest to me and could once again share in the joys and atrocities of the holidays. I, personally, wouldn’t trade it for any celebrity party anywhere.

Now New Year’s Eve… that’s a different story. Hey Sly! Call me!

Heidi Oringer is director of entertainment programming at ABCNEWS Radio.

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