D&D Director's Odyssey Includes Cameron, Elvis

You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog Solomon's deal with the King of the World never worked out, but the project itself did eventually come together. Determination, hard work, and the backing of Joel Silver — who eventually joined the movie as executive producer and helped arrange its distribution through New Line — will do that for you. That, and maybe just a pinch of spiritual guidance from a certain other king.

Solomon's production company is called Sweetpea Entertainment — not exactly the moniker you'd expect a lifelong D&D devotee to settle on. What's in a name?

Solomon rolls his eyes, looking sheepish again. "All right. When I was making the company, I was living at home still. I'm very close to my mother, and she is a big Elvis Presley fan. And she said, to be lucky, the company's name has to have something to do with Elvis Presley."

And that would be? "Somewhere or other I came across a picture of Elvis Presley's mother with a little dog in her hands, and the dog's name was Sweetpea. And so I said, 'I can live with "Sweetpea."'"

Solomon shakes his head a touch ruefully. "It totally has nothing to do with Dungeons & Dragons. It should have been called Slay the Dragon Productions, or something like that. But it's Sweetpea, and people seem to like the name. It's just a name, but it's the name I guess I'll be stuck with now."

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