Merle Haggard: Still a Maverick

"It seems like it's all right for the higher echelon, the judges and whatever, to snort what they want to snort and then sit behind the bench and send somebody to prison," he says. "I think people, 21-year-olds, should be able to do what they want to do as long as they don't break the law. How they get to the position where they're at should be their business. It's like they don't want you — they're going to [urine] test you every Monday morning. If you call this a free society, you'd have to be really stretching the phrase, I think."

Surprisingly (for a man of his age and profession, at least), Haggard sees the Internet as perhaps the last bastion of true American freedom, the place where information can be disseminated without governmental interference.

"I think the computer, the communication on the Interweb [sic] — that just might save our freedom," he says. "They can't stop it; the government can't get in there and do something. There's a possibility that the sleeping giant might come alive and take this country back."

And if you feel otherwise — well, you're getting on the fighting side of Merle.

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