Björk Flick Kicks Off NY Film Fest

"I kept asking, 'Is it supposed to be this way? … It feels a bit funny,'" said Björk. Deneuve plays Selma's devoted friend, who is determined to help the immigrant stay out of trouble as she works to secure her son's future. The French icon says she felt more like a friend than a mother figure to Björk and was happy to help her through her first acting experience.

"It was very interesting to work with someone so strong and open," said Deneuve.

And that style could provide bigger stardom for Björk as an actress if she follows in the footsteps of Hilary Swank, whose film Boys Don't Cry also debuted at the New York Film Festival last year. Swank went on to win an Oscar.

The Icelander, however, is still a long way from thinking Hollywood.

Asked how she would respond to an Oscar nod à la Swank, she simply replied, "Who's Hilary Swank?"

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