As Doc Ock, Molina Is Armed for Success

On screen, Doc Ock is wowing audiences by scaling walls and smashing through concrete. Computer-animated graphics, of course, helped achieve the effects. But they couldn't address all the actor's needs — such as taking bathroom breaks.

"I just didn't," he says. "I had to make sure I went before we started to work because they were a bugger to get out of. That was a problem."

A little self-discipline is more than worth it, if it's possible to toggle between Broadway, blockbuster movie parts, and quirky independent films.

"Of course, it's not Shakespeare," he says. "But the worst thing an actor can do is go into any project with a lack of respect for the material. 'This is a pile of poop but Ill do it right now because I've got nothing else better.' That's a disaster.

"You've got to go in with the same kind of enthusiasm as if you were doing Hamlet."

Spider-Man might not explore the pathos of Jewish peasants suffering under the czar, but they do raise other questions, like what would you do if you really had four arms?

"I'd probably end up doing the house work," says Molina. Of course, he isn't considering who would pay all those puppeteers.

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