Madonna's Quest to Adopt Malawian Boy: More Harm Than Good?

But some nongovernmental agencies are more concerned that Madonna may be setting a harmful example.

"It's great that she is investing in the local community, but she doesn't need to do this adoption as well," Philippa Lei, a child-rights advocate at the development charity World Vision UK, said to ABC News.

"We believe children should be brought up in their own communities, and Madonna could support this child in his own community for much less than she is spending to adopt him," Lei said.

All this means is that Madonna may have some serious public relations problems on her hands, as well as a new child.

Max Clifford, a British publicist who is famous for helping make, and break, show-business careers, tells ABC news that if Madonna asked him for advice, he would tell her to outmaneuver the tabloid newspapers by going on TV talk shows as soon as possible, and talk straight to the public about her motives.

"She has done something good," Clifford said. "She should explain her motives, and let people see for themselves how sincere she is."

Whatever view people have about what Madonna has done, everyone we spoke with agreed on one thing: Last week, the public was not focused on the plight of orphaned, abandoned, abused and disadvantaged children.

This week Madonna has made us all think about them -- at least this week.

Additional reporting by ABC News' Benjamin Barnier.

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