Britney Keeps Flashing, Cameras Keep Clicking

"I think some people are still modest and respectful. There's a reason we've never seen Jessica Simpson's bits and pieces," Hilton said. "Amanda Bynes, Scarlett Johansson. There are girls who keep their private lives private and their private parts private," he said.

Post cited the 1960s and '70s bra-burning movement as an example of society pushing the envelope and ultimately deciding to push back, embracing modesty over the alternative.

"Bras went out for a while 30 years ago, but you don't see that now. There's a case of testing a line and deciding that maybe we don't want to go that far," he said.

For miniskirted starlets, Post offered tips on exiting a car with grace.

"As you get out, keep your legs together rather than apart. If you have a sweater, a scarf, a shawl or a coat, lay it across your legs as you get out," he said.

Whether Spears follows his advice or not, Post doesn't think she or her panty-less friends will be the death of modesty.

"There will always be celebrities who are pushing the envelope, but I think we'll still value a sense of modesty in the future," he said. "I doubt if we're going to be seeing women walking around without tops or bottoms on at all."

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