DiCaprio Puts Diamond Industry on Edge

DICAPRIO: Well . . . I think I'm going to just say that, uh, I'm happy. And I think that the country has taken a turn for the better, you know? And I think a lot of things that have been sort of uh, subdued politically and a lot of things that people have wanted to happen are hopefully going to happen now. It's really up to the Democrats to, uh -- not to say things anymore, but to take action now, and I think they will.

Q: And the Oscar buzz on "The Departed"?

DICAPRIO: And the Oscar buzz on it? Great.

Q: Did you feel with this role that you'd be competing with yourself come Oscar time?

DICAPRIO: I have no... I don't know. Once again, that goes into the hands of all you people to pick this all apart and critique it and compliment it or insult it. We'll see. Thank you, guys.

ABCNEWS.com's Buck Wolf contributed to this report.

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