Remembering Roberto Rossellini

The influence of Rossellini's work can still be seen today in films like Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" and "Mean Streets" by Martin Scorsese, who loaned some of his personal Rossellini memorabilia to the MoMA for its exhibitions.

Even though his neorealist movement was based on the shocking reality of Word War II, Rossellini himself never saw his work as fitting into a specific era or timeline. "I wanted to reproduce the truth exactly as the camera saw it," Rossellini said before his death, "for that audience throughout the entire world which has a heart capable of love and a brain capable of thought."

"My father used to say he didn't recognize himself as a maestro, as a great filmmaker or as an artist," explains Isabella Rossellini. "He said, 'Anybody, if you have something incredible to say, something important to say, just say it, and you will be listened to.'" Now, over half a century later, the world continues to listen.

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