Trump Calls Barbara 'Sad Figurehead' After Her 'Pathetic Man' Comment

cagney and lacey showed up

they cuff the pimp

they free the girl

Dec. 28, 2006:

Trump continues the feud: "She said I went bankrupt. She talks about moral -- and which was false -- she talks about moral compass. I mean, look at Rosie. Look at where she comes.

"Have you ever seen her comedy act, which is, by the way, terrible? I was at one of her comedy acts. And most of the people left because she was so disgusting, not funny, and disgusting.

"So, you know, Rosie shouldn't be talking. I mean, the one I feel sorry for in the whole thing is her girlfriend, Kelli. Anybody that has to kiss Rosie, I feel very sorry for.

"For Rosie to call me a pimp -- I'm a pimp. You know why I'm a pimp? Because I own a beauty pageant. That's why she says I'm a pimp. I'm a pimp, because unlike her, I gave a girl a second chance. That's why I'm a pimp. You're not allowed to make statements like that, Anderson.

"Rosie is an unattractive person. She's a slob. And you know, how she gets this girlfriend I don't know. But I look forward to the day that Kelli leaves her because Kelli, if you're listening, Kelli, and I'm sure you are, you can do much better." (CNN's "360 with Anderson Cooper")

Jan. 3, 2007:

Barbara Walters claims that she never told Trump she didn't want O'Donnell on the show. "Nothing could be further from the truth," she said. "She has brought a new vitality to this show and the ratings prove it." She also emphasized that "Donald Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy. Several of his casino companies have filed for business bankruptcies. They are out of bankruptcy now." ("The View")

Trump responds: "Barbara fully understands what Barbara told me.

"At the same time, she can't say that because she has to work with the woman. But she won't be working with her long. I mean, that thing will explode because Rosie's wacko.

"Thank goodness for Donald Trump. The show had its worst year last year, and now because of people like me and because she attacks a Kelly Ripa and because she attacks a Danny DeVito, she gets some stuff. But ultimately, you watch what's going to happen. And here's my prediction. She will have a huge fight ultimately with Barbara Walters, and she will be fired.

"Rosie's a slob. I have no interest in Rosie. I've known Rosie a long time, too. You shouldn't even mention those two women in the same breath." (Fox News' "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren")

Jan. 5, 2007:

Trump calls O'Donnell a "degenerate." (CBS' s Late Show with David Letterman)

Trump's daughter, Ivanka, steps into the fray, saying that O'Donnell had "instigated" the hostilities and had been "bullying people for a long time." (NBC's "Today" show)

And then, Trump: "I'm very satisfied with having exposed Rosie for what she is.

"She lost with her talk show, her Broadway show was a failure and her magazine was one of the worse catastrophes in publishing. Ultimately, people don't like her and will turn off 'The View.'"

Trump claimed that he doesn't like the press his feud with O'Donnell has generated and added that he "doesn't want to waste time fighting some lowlife like Rosie." (CNN's "Showbiz Tonight")

On the same day, Rosie posts a video on her blog, which consists of the word "FAT" in painted block letters, images of doves and photos of her children emblazoned over newspaper articles about the feud with Trump. The song playing in the background is Heart's "These Dreams."

Jan. 8, 2007:

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