Bass to Author 'Out of Sync' Memoirs

The upcoming autobiography of former-NSYNC star Lance Bass made headlines earlier this month but the furore subsided almost as soon as it started.

Out of Sync, which "tells all about his life, his music and his sexuality," is due for release in October but 27-year-old Bass won't be the one promoting it.

"He's not doing national interviews until the book's publication," said Bass' manager Cindy Owen.

Bass became a fixture on the walls of teenaged girls around the turn of the century as NSYNC, who went on a hiatus in 2002, became an overnight success story with hits such as Bye Bye Bye. He announced in July last year that he was gay and revealed that he had kept it a secret as he was worried it would affect the bands popularity.

While it may seem strange to not try and maximize publicity about an upcoming release, Joe Saltzman, a former senior producer for Entertainment Tonight, thinks that there would be no benefits to Bass breaking silence.

"He doesn't need the publicity six months before its release and will not want to put in a position where he could end up revealing the details of what's going to be in the book," said Saltzman. "It makes no sense to speak and he probably has a poor opinion of the press as he's usually dealing with the tabloids."

The decision by Bass to write his memoir at such an early age is not a unique situation among celebrities. Tori Spelling recently announced that at the ripe old age of 33 it is time to unleash her autobiography on the world while the likes of former Back Street Boys singer Nick Carter and Soprano's mainstay Jamie-Lynn Sigler have spilled all before their 30s.

"You don't see the likes of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie doing this kind of thing and autobiographies are sometimes a attempt to resurrect a career," said Saltzman, who currently teaches at USC and has four Emmy's to his name. "With Bass though it may be his way of setting the record straight and it may help kids who are struggling with their sexuality."

Publishing house Simon Spotlight Entertainment is behind the book and is expecting it to prove a sales-success.

"We've received a great response from the media to the book and expect a huge media launch when we go on-sale," Jennifer Robinson, Director of Publicity at SSE told ABC News.

"We are hoping for a broad readership including NSYNC fans," added Robinson.

This broad appeal may be helped by the fact that one section of the book will concentrate on the months Bass spent in Russia training to become an astronaut. His goal to head into outer space in 2002 came unstuck due to a lack of funding but strong sales of his memoir may mean the dream to go where no pop star has gone before is still alive.