Joel Siegel's Morning After: 'Grindhouse' Grinds to a Halt

I hear this and think, aha, the studio spread the rumor. Free publicity all over the Web, set the film up as something horror film fans have to see. If that's true, it also set the film up as something ONLY horror film fans would want to see.

"Blades of Glory" repeated at No. 1. I saw it again, took Dylan, age 9. At least I knew when to walk out and go to the concession stand so we missed the worst of the setup sex scene but the language did trouble me. Puts the bone in Zamboni is at least clever. Not so the rest of it. But Ferrell and Heder and the film are funny. Dylan laughed hard, so did his dad.

"Firehouse Dog" is a TV movie. "The Reaping" doesn't work. Repeating the plagues from Exodus, interesting but that's been part of the Passover ceremony (the eight-day holiday ends tomorrow) for 3,500 years. We Jews have learned two things about reciting the plagues: We spill a drop of wine with the mention of each one, give up something precious because, as God reminded Moses, Those Are My Children, Too.

And the ceremony is part of a longer ceremony, the Passover Seder, held over a dinner where adults must drink a compulsory four glasses of wine.

The plagues play better after four glasses of wine.

So would the movie.

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