The Politics of Plastic...Surgery


I knew "mini-improvements" had become mainstream when I was invited to a Botox and Atkins diet party, hosted by a dermatologist-slash-plastic surgeon and his wife. Out of curiosity, I accepted. Not the Botox, but the invite. What I witnessed was a group of women standing -- you must be upright for several hours after receiving Botox -- and drinking red wine and mowing down Flintstone-esque racks of veal all while pressing cloths up against their foreheads to stop the bleeding. They weren't worried about getting meat stuck between their teeth or even passing out, which would probably happen to me. Outrageous? Yes. But funny, too.

At least there are a great many dermatologists and plastic surgeons to choose from here in L.A. -- and all around the country. "Just be sure to do your research ladies! Look what happened to Tara Reid because she didn't ask questions or get opinions from other doctors. There are a lot of scam artists out there," said Williams. When probed, Joel said: "I'm from Jersey, so the best I can do is pretend that I don't like plastic surgery. But if Dyan Canon is reading this, she knows where to find me."

I guess nothing is permanent. You can always fix it.

This is "Trendspotting" with Nellie Sciutto.

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