Anatomy of a Celebrity Wedding

"A wedding is something we all experience. It encompasses so many different things," DiMasi said. "It's about love and family, but it's also about the fashion."

Although celebrity weddings are lavish, each event seems to incorporate some sort of tradition. The Bollywood nuptials was a very traditional Hindu wedding; a pandit or priest married the couple on an altar, then there was a ritual of unity where the couple's wrists were tied together with the parents' hands placed on top and covered with a large scarf, showing unity among the couple and their families.

The traditional exchange of wedding bands is replaced by an exchange of garlands. There is also a giving of thanks to the family and their ancestors at the altar -- they give thanks for the fire god; they make offerings and take seven encirclements around the sacred fire.

In Hindu culture, married life is also about friendship. The mentality is, "We are friends and this will keep us together."

"It seems to be that many celebrities are incorporating tradition," DiMasi said. "It's a very general trend. In order to personalize and kind of make their weddings different, they follow these trends which contribute to all of the hype."

Even though tradition is often evident in these weddings, many celebrities deliberately put on a show, incorporating their own individual tastes, which, in turn, attracts more publicity, media attention and crowds.

Cruise wanted a big splash of a wedding, so he and Holmes wed in a medieval castle in Italy.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James rode off on a monster truck after they said "I Do," instead of a limousine.

The groom came in on a horse in the recent Bollywood wedding. Despite the fact that many families hold a private wedding like the Bollywood ceremony, DiMasi believes they want the attention and the hype.

"The hundreds of people in the streets -- along with the couple getting married, and their families -- feel like they are part of history," she said. "It's like the king and queen. It's a royal wedding."

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