Was the Kate Hudson-Owen Wilson Match Doomed?

When actress Kate Hudson split from Chris Robinson, her husband of six years, in August 2006, she immediately fell into the arms of "You, Me and Dupree" co-star Owen Wilson.

While fans hoped that Hudson, 28, had finally found true love, for most of Hollywood a different word came to mind — rebound.

Now just months after Hudson and Wilson publicly acknowledged their romance, the two have apparently called it quits. Which raises the question: Was this rebound relationship destined to fail from the beginning?

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Debra Mandel, a celebrity psychologist and author who practices in the Los Angeles area, said rebound relationships are bound to end as breakups. And Hudson, like other recently single women and men, may have been looking for love for all the wrong reasons after ending her marriage. Mandel said it's the rebounders who are setting themselves up for failure.

"We want to feel wanted again when a relationship isn't working," said Mandel. "There's a drop in our self-esteem, and a new relationship usually provides a big boost in that self-esteem and fills up that sense of loneliness."

That desire for acceptance can cloud judgment, and instead of taking the necessary time to heal from a relationship, rebound daters like Hudson are just looking for something to fill the void. For Hudson, that something may have been Wilson.

"Rebound relationships are based on fear rather than good judgment," said Mandel. "We're usually in our most vulnerable state, so we're not making good decisions. We're trying to ease that pain impulsively rather than find someone who will be a good long-term match."

Convenience Over Compassion

Jonathan Jaxson, former Hollywood publicist and celebrity blogger, says it's even easier to find a rebound partner for that quick fix in Hollywood.

"When you find someone on a movie set, you have three months with them and you're away from home, so it becomes very easy to fall for that person in the moment," said Jaxson.

The three months of filming "You, Me and Dupree," may have brought Hudson and Wilson closer together -- but that time away from home may have been pulling Hudson further and further apart from her marriage and life at home with Robinson and son Ryder, 3.

According to Mandel, long periods of separation put a deep strain on relationships -- a problem she said is common among her celebrity clientele.

"I see more instability in relationships where one or both partners have to be away a lot, be it for a movie shoot or because someone is a high-powered traveling executive," said Mandel.

Instability at home and the convenience of an on-set romance may have helped heat things up between Hudson and Wilson during filming, but they soon fell prey to another Hollywood trend, the breakup.

Actors Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are among the celebrities who called it quits after the director yelled "cut." The duo began their version of the rebound relationship on the set of "The Break-Up" in 2005 only to split shortly after filming concluded.

Relationship, Faux-lationship

Despite the split, Jaxson said Hudson and Wilson won't be heading to the heartbreak hotel anytime soon. He believes their relationship, like so many other things in Hollywood, was just for show.

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