Was the Kate Hudson-Owen Wilson Match Doomed?

Thrusting celebrities together to garner publicity and media hype is a time-honored tradition in Hollywood -- a custom dating back as far as the 1956 one-night-stand between Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, if not earlier.

Jaxson said he wasn't immune to creating faux relationships to score publicity for his clients.

"I've done it myself as a publicist, getting stars together and hoping they can kindle something and hoping that it flourishes into something more," said Jaxson. "As publicists, we try to ensure our clients visibility and publicity."

A publicist's dream is to score a relationship as successful as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's for the client.

"We would love a Brand and Angie story every day, but that's not how it works; if by chance it does, we've won the lottery," said Jaxson.

Besides, he added, celebrities know any publicity in Hollywood is good publicity. It gets their name back in the news, for better or worse.

Hudson's publicist, Brad Cafarelli, declined to comment on the nature of her relationship with Wilson.

Mandel said stars and noncelebrities alike participate willingly in relationships for political, economical or professional benefit.

"We don't necessarily always follow our hearts when we try to think of what makes a good fit," said Mandel.

So after rushing into a rebound relationship, will Hudson ever find true love?

Mandel said Hudson may still have some work to do before finding another mate.

"If you're still really hurt and angry with that person, you're not really going to be able to accept this new person in your life," said Mandel. "Usually, it's a good time to spend some time separate from someone and have some single space."

And what about Wilson? Jaxson speculates that he's probably more than happy to be living the single life again.

In the end, even the breakup of Hudson and Wilson may prove to be good publicity: It has all of Hollywood, and American media, talking.

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