Baby Zoom: Celebrity Babies All the Rage

Since celebrities have plenty of tabloids to choose from, they can choose to either make the public wait to see their next of kin and fuel the media frenzy, or they can nip the situation in the bud and get it over with.

Sometimes the latter strategy is best.

Hazlett said, "It kills the curiosity quickly. They feel like they can just go on with their lives. In some ways, even though you want to maintain that privacy, we're going to find a picture of your kid at some point. If you get it out of the way, if you can do it in a way where you have the most control, then you're better off."

The earlier a photo opportunity is granted, the more it will diminish the paparazzi parade.

"If you can control the release of these photos in the beginning, you might end up with a lot more privacy," said Hazlett.

Goodson added, "In the case of huge A-listers like the Jolie-Pitts, the Spears, and the Cruises is that they sell the pictures so that the paparazzi hounds them less for the first candid shots. While the money must be nice, it's more important that the pictures get out on their own terms."

Unless a photographer is in the delivery room, major celebrities can control how or when his or her child appears on the cover of a magazine.

Hazlett said one contributing factor to this decision is how a magazine has treated the subject in the past.

"Sheryl Crow was a great example. She trusted how we were going to treat the piece. She knew the photos would come out looking gorgeous. If you've just given birth there's always trepidation, but this didn't apply to Sheryl Crow. People want to look their best," said Hazlett.

Regarding Henry, whether or not Roberts decides to stick to her first instincts and not sell pictures of her son remains to be seen. Roberts is involved with several charities. If the fee for a picture of Henry went toward one of them, such as Earth Biofuels, a company Roberts recently became a spokeswoman for that promotes the use of renewable fuels, she might consider unveiling her boy to the media.

If a picture is worth thousands of dollars in charity money, babies, say cheese!

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