Girl Power Back in Force

They came, they saw, and now, they expect to conquer the globe again. Yes, the Spice Girls are back, ready to take on the world with a Christmas tour of their greatest hits.

But first, they talked. And they had a lot to say.

To anyone who had forgotten what made the five girls -- Posh, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Baby Spice -- famous in the first place, today's press conference was a loud reminder.

Watch "Good Morning America" Friday, June 29, for an exclusive interview with the Spice Girls.

Between mocking overeager photographers desperate for pictures and heckling overzealous reporters, the Spice Girls made it clear that age had not diminished their brand of girl power.

One unfortunate reporter asked the girls if they were "fit enough" to embark on a world tour.

Their response? Mel B., aka Scary Spice, jumped out of her seat, strode over to the journalist and patted him down (from the waist up), saying, "You don't seem so fit yourself, may I say!"

The Spice Girls' first official appearance together in years had all the hallmarks of the coarse humor and brash, in-your-face attitude that made them famous more than a decade ago.

A scuffle between two photographers jostling for the best view, which resulted in one of them getting hurt, was greeted by Scary Spice with, "Hope you feel better mate. Geri says she will give you a snog later!"

Later, a reference to a rumor that their voices will be digitally enhanced was dismissed by Mel C., aka Sporty Spice, as "a load of s---."

But overall they seemed to enjoy the attention, flirting with male reporters and cooing at the female ones.

After pursuing individual careers for over five years, what brought these five feisty women back together?

Although they are reported by Hello magazine to be receiving well in excess of £20 million each for the tour, the girls claim that their motivation was personal rather than financial.

Geri, aka Ginger Spice, said: "I called Emma [Baby Spice] and told her I wanted to be a Spice Girl again!"

It seems that her compatriots shared her feelings, with Mel C. adding that she was "nervous but excited" about the upcoming tour.

So does this mean that we can expect more albums from the Spice Girls?

Not really, they said, although Sporty Spice remarked, "We are at the discussion stage," as far as new material is concerned.

This tour -- scheduled to take off in December -- will focus on their old songs -- "the classics," according to Baby Spice.

But now that the Spice Girls are all grown-up, with Posh, Scary and Ginger being mothers, and Baby expecting her own baby soon, one expects that this new tour will entail some serious changes to their lifestyle.

For one thing, there will be a "Spice crèche" on tour this time, because, as Posh put it, "Our priority is always going to be our families."

"I can't wait for my kids to see me perform," she added. "For once I will be the cool one in the family!"

Posh Spice's husband, soccer star David Beckham, will also join the girls on tour, which will cover Europe, the United States, Australia, China and South Africa.

Summing up their feelings about returning to the stage, Ginger Spice said, "We are girl power. It doesn't matter how old you are. You could be 5 or 65!"

"We were kids back then," Sporty Spice observed, before adding, "we are women now."

They may be a decade older, but, as their brazen demeanor and cheeky behavior revealed today, some things just don't change with age.