Duct Tape Fashions

Do It Yourself

For those who are accustomed to using the tape to patch holes, you might consider using the leftovers to make your own wallet. The practice is apparently so common that duct tape maker 3M posted directions for crafting wallets on its Web site.

But don't be fooled by what may look like some simple folding directions. Howard warned it took his designers some time to master the art of working with the material. "It's not like sewing a cloth," said Howard. "Once it's stuck, you can't unstick it. It's unfixable."

Howard said he welcomes competition, but said for the duct tape purist Ducti's custom-manufactured tape may not do the trick. "It's not duct tape. It's only cool when it's duct tape," said Howard. "It's like being a poser … it completely takes away the effect of the hipster rebel."

Pippenger said his tape is just as durable as the industrial version. And he offers a lifetime warranty, although he said a lot of his customers just slap on some extra tape if they notice a hole in the product.

Wear With Caution

If you have a duct tape wallet, and a duct tape bag, why not consider a duct tape jacket? A quick search on the Web will reveal a lengthy list of sites devoted to the tape's merits, including encouragements for high school students to try out a duct tape prom dress.

But teens should think carefully about this fashion choice if they live in a warm climate. As a California resident, Howard said, he stays away from the clothing market.

"We don't make duct tape clothing because it is the most uncomfortable thing you could wear," said Howard. "Duct tape does not breathe for clothing, you just don't want to wear a duct tape tuxedo to your prom."

But you can bring a duct tape rose. Howard also offers fabricated versions of the flower and finds women buying them for their guys who may not typically gush over flowers. "If they're made out of duct tape somehow they're OK."

And the duct tape rose will certainly last longer than a real flower.

What else can the tape do? Howard said everyone should try and see where it goes. "It's a great craft, " he said. "[it's] fun to see what you can create."

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