After Post-Jail Interview, Is Hilton Sticking to Her Word?

Her main challenge this summer has been learning to stand upright on her pink surfboard, which is propped up on the side of her house. "It's really nice to be right down by the beach," she says. "I sleep really well here listening to the ocean with the windows open."

Evidently. On this day, she slumbered till shortly after noon, greeted in her bedroom with a plate of Cinnabons warmed in a toaster oven by her assistant. Her wardrobe was selected carefully — denim bell bottoms and a silver top that are part of her Paris Hilton Sportswear collection, hitting stores next month.

That 23-day stint in jail for violating probation after a DUI — and the ensuing publicity —— don't seem to have limited her career options. A movie musical (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and designer shoe line (with Antebi Footwear) were just announced, her second album is in the works and her fourth perfume is due in October.

The Simple Life won't continue, though Hilton has nothing but kind words for co-star and on-again pal Nicole Richie. Richie will do jail time while pregnant in the next few months, and Hilton says, "I'll be praying for her."

Hilton the Next Trump?

Hilton says she has many more ventures in the planning stages.

"I definitely want to get more into real estate," she says. "Own my own hotels, restaurants, my own Paris stores. There's a lot more to do. I want to be a real estate mogul."

It might not be just talk. During a break, she runs upstairs and takes a phone call from London investors who want to open a Paris Hilton hotel.

These days, she is selective about blessing items with her signature phrase, "That's hot." Endorsing something as "hot" could jeopardize deals, both current and future. And branding a club as no longer "hot" could land her in hot water with friends and business partners.

"All my friends own everything, so I can't say anything" negative, she explains, with a laugh. "I don't want them to get mad at me."

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