Lohan Reportedly Heading to Luxe Rehab

Among the list of prohibited items are cell phones, laptops and expensive jewelry. Patients are also not allowed to communicate with friends or family during their first few days of treatment.

Does Rehab Get a Bad Rap?

Sprawling landscapes and customized meals may seem excessive for a place that drug addicts go to get clean, but to Fisher, it seems only fair.

"Why is it different for someone who is an alcohol or a drug addict? Why do they have to be sentenced?" asks Fisher. "We want to put them in the bottom of some old church or dingy psych ward. Why do [they] deserve less care than a cancer patient?"

Fisher argues that conditions at rehab facilities are no ritzier and no cushier than many hospices or even maternity wards, and refutes accusations that treatment can't be effective in high-scale establishments.

"It's just the trappings," says Daniel Gatlin, the executive director of Renaissance Malibu, another self-proclaimed high-end rehabilitation facility. "We're taking treatment out of institutional settings because it sort of plays into the illness headspace, and [rehabilitation] is about getting well."

"Ritzy rehab gets a bad rap," says Fisher, who adds that no matter where the facilities are located and what amenities are included, the actual sobriety programs are just as intensive as at lower-scale, public sector venues.

Lohan's Future Unclear

Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, would not respond to questions regarding her client's latest choice of rehab facility, but Zelnick did tell US Weekly that "it would be counterproductive to the medical treatment she's receiving to release Lindsay's whereabouts at this time."

Following her arrest on suspicions of drunken driving and possession of cocaine, Lohan is expected in court Aug. 24 to face two misdemeanor charges of suspicion of driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license, as well as felony charges of possessing a controlled substance and bringing contraband into a custody facility.

Before Lohan's July arrest, Zelnick told ABC News that her client had voluntarily donned an alcohol-detection bracelet on her ankle to prove she was "taking her sobriety seriously."

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