Leave Britney Alone! Kid Signs TV Deal

Crocker said he has received a lot of flack for this and previous videos and could therefore relate to Britney being maligned. Comments from YouTube users posting on his video ranged from "Seek therapy NOW. This is NOT normal behavior" to "someone please shoot this fa**ot."

Black Sheep of a Feather

"We're both black sheep. We're both uninhibited artists. Let people draw their own conclusions," he said.

According to psychologists familiar with fan behavior, Crocker's feelings of relating to Spears and wanting to support her are pretty normal for loyal fans, especially teenagers.

"Adolescence is always a time of hysteria and Britney Spears is a part of everything," said Stuart Fischoff, senior editor of the Journal of Media Psychology.

"It's not unusual for adolescents to vent, only now, everyone has a forum on the net. They can express their love, hate, outrage or any other thoughts with like-minded people. These kids can identify with Britney and can feel certain empathy for what she is going through because many of them have been ridiculed," he said.

Crocker told ABCNEWS.com and has expressed in earlier videos that he feels persecuted in his small Southern town for being gay.

"People see something in the celebrity they identify with," celebrity psychologist Jennifer Berman said.

"Britney is an underdog now and people relate to that, and feel impassioned. Because many of them have been underdogs," she said.

Share the Love

Crocker's video undoubtedly reflects real fan sympathies being voiced on the Web.

In an effort to clear Britney's name, fans have pored over footage from her performance analyzing every misstep to explain just what went wrong.

In a video entitled "VMA Video Truth" YouTube user spencergaum breaks down Spears' performance frame by frame in an attempt to prove that the heel of her boot broke while dancing, which resulted in such a slipshod showing.

Jordan Miller, webmaster of the popular Spears fansite breatheheavy.com, explains that although the singer's fans are "sometimes her harshest critics" there has been a real effort online "to love and support Britney through this difficult time."

"She just needs to get back into the swing of things," he told ABCNEWS.com, echoing the sentiments of many of her fans. "Give her a little more time, she'll kill it."

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