Inside Pitt-Jolie's Reported NYC Pad

Joe Russo, senior vice president and director of special operations for T & M Protection, noted that because of the number of high-level guests and residents, in addition to the many official functions held there, the Waldorf has a steady drum beat of security.

"The fact is that there is the perception of security," he said. "People also know they will be treated as VIPs."

When the president is in town or the U.N. is in session and the concrete jersey barriers go up, armored SUVs line the streets and men in suits with earpieces pace the blocks, that only adds to the overall perception of security. Not only do those being protected feel safe, they also feel important -- something both celebrities and heads of state crave.

"They come, of course, because it's the Waldorf," said Russo, who also headed former President Bill Clinton's security team for the Secret Service. "But after that it's hard to say what comes first -- whether they come because of the security or the security is there because of the guests. They feed on each other."

If indeed they do end up at the Waldorf Towers, Brangelina will be able to feed on just about everything -- status, security, prestige and, if they so desire, candle-lit dinners prepared and delivered by the Towers' world-class chefs.

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