Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf

Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen has the ultimate superpower, but nothing to do with Darth Vader. Hayden leaves "Star Wars" behind to teleport through time and space in the sci-fi thriller "Jumper." He needs to keep moving, because Samuel L. Jackson is out to get him. Hayden loved hopping the globe without worrying about planes, and trains. "I wish I could do it for real," he told Parade, "especially when i'm waiting in those security lines at the airport."

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds remembers past romances as a guy who relives his dating life in "Definitely Maybe." Ryan confessed that his real-life first love -- was a high school girl he was head over heels for. He recalls their first smooch. Ryan told Parade, "she smoked herbal cigarettes so it was like kissing a bucket of dirt." Now Ryan is looking for that perfect person. "The kind," (listen carefully), "that rings your bell."

Isla Fisher No wonder Isla Fisher got into her romance with Ryan Reynolds in "Definitely, Maybe." Isla told Parade, "if you look up 'smoldering' you should see Ryan's name. He's gorgeous." But Isla's real love is that Borat guy, Sasha Baron Cohen. Together they have a baby they adore. Now, if she gets married, will she invite her "Wedding Crashers" co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? Or will they have to crash her wedding?

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