Bringing 'The Greatest Fro on Earth' to the Big Screen

Fifty million hits later, it is the third most-watched Internet video ever. And if the site can ever figure out how to make money, it could threaten the very system that made Ferrell rich. "It was a strange thing to help give birth to this site that could ultimately lead to the demise of the way we know how to get our entertainment," Ferrell says. "But I also hold out hope that all of this will just integrate and it'll just be another medium."

In the meantime, he will stick with old-fashioned Hollywood comedy. Next up is "Step Brothers," another collaboration with McKay and "Talledega Nights" co-star John C. Reilly, and "Land of the Lost," a comedic remake of the surreal '70s kid's show. But he yearns for another crack at drama. "Stranger Than Fiction" earned him a Golden Globe nomination, and he lights up talking about the experience.

"I think any creative person is gonna want to mix it up ... I think that's a natural instinct, if you believe comedy is acting. Which, I think it is, you know. And I view myself as a comedic actor and not necessarily just a comedian. And that's why I got to do 'Stranger Than Fiction,' which was a little more in that direction. Which was one of the best experiences I've ever had and would love to do more of that. Having said that, I'm not banging the drum for 'please take me seriously.'"

Good thing, because in a few minutes he will don Capezio movement pants and Ugg boots and perform "No One" by Alicia Keys. And in the middle of the tender refrain, someone in the crowd will yell, "Let's go streaking!"

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