The Secrets of Stars' Secret Weddings

"I've done invitations where celebrities won't even put their names on them," Black said. "Some of them will just say, 'You're invited to our wedding' and then there'll be a phone number underneath that guests need to call for details. We're even leaving locations off the invitations."

When it comes to location, the more remote, the better. Jay-Z and Knowles took a huge risk getting married in the middle of Manhattan. They could've taken a cue from Google co-founder Larry Page, who rented out a Caribbean enclave for his December marriage to Lucy Southworth. Of course, Page had billions to spend.

"There are very few celebrities that can afford the luxury of a private island because that comes with a several million dollar price tag," wedding planner Souza said. "Renting out a resort on an island, that's a different scenario. You can spend a couple hundred thousand dollars to rent a resort for a weekend versus a couple million for an island."

Celebrities didn't always have to go to such lengths to say their vows in peace. But with six-figure paydays attached to the first photos of an A-list wedding, paparazzi are willing to do whatever it takes to get the money shot, the sanctity of marriage be damned.

"When I first began doing celebrity weddings 25 years ago, it was much different," said Denis Reggie, who shot John F. Kennedy Jr.'s superprivate 1996 wedding to Carolyn Bessette on Georgia's Cumberland Island. "We weren't faced with scores of photographers doing the crazy things they do now -- using long lenses in boats, hanging themselves out of helicopters, disguising themselves as waiters, pretending to be wedding guests."

Up against those odds, sometimes, the best strategy for soon-to-be wed celebs is to release just a little bit of information about their ceremony, enough to whet the appetite of the press and paparazzi. Tom Cruise's 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes was no secret. But few knew what went on inside the Italian castle until after their vows were said. Fans and media were kept away by police checkpoints, and journalists were stationed in the nearby town square.

"You got most of the info about his wedding after it was over," Tutera said. "And it was a large event, it wasn't a simple affair. The fact that it was out of the country made it easier, but they really kept it under wraps. No one knew what was going on."

Ashlee and Pete, Fergie and Josh, Jamie Lynn and Casey: Take note.

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