These women have made sparks fly with younger men

Goldie Hawn has done it. So have Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon. They have made romance with a younger man work. And now another superstar, Mariah Carey, has tied the knot with the younger Nick Cannon in the Bahamas. USA TODAY checks out celebrity romances between older women and younger men.

Mariah Carey, 39 and Nick Cannon, 27

Age difference:12 years

Back story: Celebrity blogs and tabloids started swirling about a romance in early April. On April 14, the couple were spotted getting cozy at a Las Vegas party, and 12 days later, the chanteuse wore a giant diamond ring and stayed close to Cannon at the after-party for her film "Tennessee," which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. reported that the couple were married Wednesday in the Bahamas, where Carey recently purchased a home. The couple did obtain a marriage license in the Caribbean nation within the past 90 days, reports. It also has a report from a local minister confirming that he presided over the ceremony.

Jennifer Aniston, 39 and John Mayer, 30

Age difference: 9 years

Back story: On April 25, the couple were spotted enjoying a nearly two-hour lunch in Miami, where Aniston is shooting a movie,'s Scene in the Tropics blog reports. The report says the couple walked out of the restaurant arm in arm. The two were spotted having dinner together that evening and again on Sunday night. The singer and actress have been dating a few weeks, says.

Lil Kim, 33 and Ray J, 27

Age difference: 6 years

Back story: The two sparked rumors of a romance in February 2007, when they were working together on a track for his album "All I Am." By the summer, they were routine companions to parties. "We've been on romantic dates, sipped expensive Champagne. Our relationship is solid," Ray J, who is actress/singer Brandy's younger brother, says in a recent People.

Kim Kardashian, 27 and Reggie Bush, 23

Age difference: 4 years

Back story: The star of the E! reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and her New Orleans Saints running back boyfriend first met in 2006 and began dating in early 2007. They attended several events at January's Sundance Film Festival together and were photographed in March at a Details magazine party in Beverly Hills. At the time, she told "We try to be super low-key. We know if we go to an event, we're gonna be photographed, but he'll still say, 'Ugh, I don't want to go.' "