Brinkley Forgives Husband's Ex-Mistress

Reading her husband's e-mails to girlfriend Diana Bianchi, and to see his naked photos, was crushing, Brinkley told the court. "To come across that was beyond devastating. It was beyond humiliating. It was beyond your wildest nightmare one could ever imagine," she said. " He's cheating on me with a teenager. He's trolling the Internet."

Brinkley described her shattered reaction, while sobbing uncontrollably.

"I felt like the man who I was living with, I just didn't know who he was ... anymore. Who is he? Who is this man who comes down and sits at the dining room table and acts like he's been at work?"

She later claimed that Cook had tried to commit suicide and that she talked him out of it as he drove erratically along the north shore of Long Island.

"I'm going to plow my car right into a tree. I'm going to kill myself. I'm too embarrassed. ... I have nowhere to live. I have no friends," she recounted him telling her. "And I said, 'You can go to your parents — parents will always love you unconditionally,'" she said.

Brinkley also described how the affair affected her career, forcing her to postpone cover shoots for Cover Girl cosmetics and to cancel the Chicago launch of the couple's "family-friendly furntiure line."

In the year before the fateful day of revelation, there were plenty of hints that something was wrong, that the beautiful supermodel didn't seem attractive any longer to her husband of 10 years.

Most dramatically, Brinkley recounted visiting in the spring of 2006 one of her empty properties that had been used by Cook and Bianchi for sex and finding wine and cheese in the fridge, blown-out candles on a table and "a bed. The windows were blacked out, the sheets were rumpled and there was a long black hair in the bed."

When she asked Cook, he blamed it on the gardener, saying that "John" was having relationship problems.

Brinkley also described noticing a change in Cook's attitude, that he got grouchy with her and didn't visit her when she was in the hospital after she got an infection when her tooth broke in 2005.

Most tellingly, she noticed that their romantic life was suffering, breaking down in tears at the memory. "We used to sleep like spoons together. And I'd ask him, 'Why don't you snuggle with me like that anymore?'"

She claimed that he stopped taking her out on date nights. "I would try to look nice and make a special effort and he'd say he's tired and that he'd put in a big day at the office.

Cook would get upset when she asked him if everything was OK, according to Brinkley. She recounted telling him, "I feel that somehow something's wrong and he'd say, "That's so unflattering. I can't stand it when you talk like that."

On his way out of court during a break for lunch, Cook dismissed his wife's testimony, quipping, "Shreck was more believable."

And his lawyers attacked Brinkley on cross-examination, accusing her of being blind with anger, adding that a court-ordered psychiatrist had found that Brinkley "couldn't see straight because you were so angry at Peter."

She responded by trying to justify her feelings. "I supported this man for almost 10 years. He never paid for a single thing. He lived a wonderful life. All the while, he was carrying on like this behind my back. It goes without saying that there would be a certain amount of anger."

She added, "You don't have time when you're a mother of three to sit around and lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself."

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