Brinkley Forgives Husband's Ex-Mistress

Sherensky continued to focus on that theme, claiming that she once interrupted a phone call between Cook and sonJack to yell at Cook, "Tell him about your whores!"

When he later asked Brinkley if she was an actress, implying that she was overdramatizing her testimony, the supermodel replied, "I think that would be stretching it. ... I'm no Meryl Streep" and jokingly mentioned her appearance in the '80s comedy "National Lampoon's National Vacation."

The defense presented only one witness -- Cook, who denied most of the charges made by Brinkley. He claimed that he'd spent days at Brinkley's bedside when she was hospitalized and that Brinkley once told him to keep her good friend Jill Rappaport out of the room, saying, "You have to keep her out of here. I didn't get any sleep last night."

He also refuted charges made by Brinkley's daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, that he was cruel to her, denying that he shoved her head into a bucket and forced her to clean up a water leak.

Cook turned the tables, accusing Brinkley of being critical of her then-teenage daughter and slamming Joel as a spoiled brat who never once used a music studio built for her in a guesthouse on the couple's property.

He said Brinkley continuously criticized her daughter's habits at the dinner table, such as eating with her mouth open and "whipping food out of her mouth and cleaning her teeth," comparing her unfavorably to her father, Billy Joel, according to Cook. "She said, 'You're just like your father."

Today's riveting testimony came on the second day of the trial being held in a Long Island, N.Y., courthouse.

If there were any secrets left to discover about the fairy-tale marriage and nightmare divorce of Brinkley and Cook, it's hard to imagine they could be any more titillating or embarrassing than the tidbits unveiled in the courtroom during the first two days.

Both sides — the spurned supermodel and the admitted adulterer husband — came armed for battle at this drab courtroom, determined to fire off the most damaging charges and allegations about their behavior behind closed doors.

An all-star lineup of witnesses, from Cook himself, his alleged teenage mistress and from Brinkley's daughter with Billy Joel, they all unloaded a torrent of torrid tales that included: Cook's tearful admission on the stand Wednesday that he enjoyed oral sex with his 18-year-old girlfriend whose silence he allegedly bought with a $300,000 confidentiality agreement; and his admission that he had a fondness for masturbating via a Webcam for an Internet audience.

Alexa Ray Joel, Brinkley's daughter from her marriage to Bill Joel, testified Wednesday that Cook once pulled her out of the shower and shoved her head into a bucket. There were charges that Brinkley ransacked Cook's office and copied his hard drive; that she scratched his face out of family photographs in front of the children; and allegations that the supermodel spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private detectives to dig up dirt on Cook.

Brinkley lawyers plan to call 44 witnesses, including another of Cook's purported girlfriends, in her battle to get full custody of their two children. And Cook's team plans to call 20 of his own witnesses in his attempt to share custody of Jack, his stepson, and Sailor, his daughter with Brinkley.

To ramp up the pressure on Cook, Brinkley took the unusual step of pushing to open the divorce trial to the public where all of the couple's dirty laundry can be aired.

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