Brinkley Forgives Husband's Ex-Mistress

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, could not hide his scorn, telling the court Wednesday, "It's as good as having the children in the front row to listen to all of this ... That's not good parenting."

Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, portrayed his client as a hard-working full-time mom, whose "knight in shining armor" turned into a debauched devil by cheating on her with a teenager and spending up to $3,000 a month on Internet porn.

He cited Brinkley's National Mother of the Year award in 2000 and claimed that Cook charged the cost of the flowers he gave her for Mother's Day to her account.

Sheresky, painted Brinkley as a wife blinded with rage at her husband's cheating (comparing him to famed adulterers Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey and Bill Clinton) and a lazy mother who slept late while Cook woke up their children and got them dressed for school.

The players in the divorce drama are straight out of central casting: Brinkley, in a white blouse, tan skirt and her perfectly coiffed blonde hair, strode into court with the grace of a longtime runway model.

Cook, the architect, with his dark suit, powered tie and tan cheeks, seemed like a Ken doll caught with his pants down, clasping his hands in front of him.

And it seemed an ideal cinematic twist of fate that the too-good-looking perfect blonde couple's 10-year marriage would be undone by his affair with Brinkley's complete physical opposite: Diana Bianchi a petite, 18-year-old Italian brunette, who was still a teen when she met Cook.

Bianchi, who hid behind stylish sunglasses, donned 5-inch pink high heels but still seemed tiny. When she walked into the courtroom, Brinkley's turned her face a half-turn as her icy gaze came to rest on the young woman.

Last but not least, Bianchi's father, Brian Platt, presented himself as the defender of his daughter's dignity and the symbol of small-town integrity facing off against a egomaniacal elitist. Platt, with his thick neck and mustache, forcefully walked into court and vented his feelings, ignoring lawyer's instructions to stick to yes and no answers.

This made-for-Hollywood drama's climactic moment was June 25, 2006. That was the day that Brinkley's "entire world began to unravel," according to her lawyer. And the day that Cook had feared for weeks, just after he had two memorable confrontations with Bianchi's dad, who had learned about the affair and demanded that he "stay away from my daughter."

On that day, the supermodel was giving the commencement address at Southampton High School, the first woman ever to be given that honor.

After her speech, she stepped off the dais and shook hands with people while Cook and their son, Jack, stood in the front row and led the applause.

And then comes the moment made for a film editor's mise-en-scene: Platt, who was attending the ceremony with his youngest daughter, cut into line and whispered into Brinkley's ear the fateful words that will forever haunt the couple, according to the testimony of Cook, Brinkley's lawyer and Platt:

"That bastard husband of yours is having an affair with my stepdaughter. He won't knock it off. She's only 19 years old. This is no joke."

Brinkley felt sick to her stomach and Cook's face was slowly drained of color as he witnessed the encounter, according to her lawyer. (Platt's memory: "She was obviously shaken to get news like that. He looked like he'd urinated his pants.")

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