Brinkley Forgives Husband's Ex-Mistress

Brinkley walked up to Cook and said, "How could you? How could you?" and he responded by shaking his head back and forth and saying, "Are you going to believe him or me?" according to Cohen. The lawyer added that in that moment, Brinkley realized Cook just confessed to the affair since she hadn't yet told him about her conversation with Platt.

Of course, Cook has a slightly different recollection, telling the court that Brinkley simply said, "Get me out of here," and he drove her home.

Brinkley's lawyer claimed that she was overcome with sadness and was on her knees sobbing by the side of a busy road later that day. After unsuccessfully searching for Platt, she drove home and found Cook had left the house.

Cohen claimed that Cook kept denying the affair but the truth was slowly unwrapped as his story changed from "I gave her a job" to "She took off her clothes."

Cook claims that within 24 hours, he provided Brinkley with usernames and passwords to his computer, explaining: "If she's going to divorce me, she needs to know everything and she was accusing me of things that go so much further."

The move backfired, with Brinkley becoming more enraged as she discovered that he was spending $2,000 to $3,000 a month on Internet porn, posting messages like, "Hey there, I'm a horny guy. Spare me the philosophy and f**k me."

Brinkley's legal team made much of his pornographic habits, claiming that Christie once witnessed their son Jack inadvertently open a slideshow containing pornographic images of young girls.

Later, Cook, sobbing on the stand, recalled Jack telling him, "Mom was looking at naked pictures of your girlfriends on the computer."

Cook emphasized that he never looked at porn while the children were around, though he did troll the Web, sometimes in Christie's office at their lavish home. And he said that the couple used pornography as a "precursor to intimacy between Christie and me in the last half of the marriage."

And he said that Brinkley once suggested he had a sexual addiction problem and should check out the Meadows, the elite Arizona based rehab center, saying that Michael Douglas had treated his addiction there.

Brinkley's lawyer also emphasized the discrepancy in age between Cook, 49, and Bianchi, now 21, repeatedly focusing on her teenage status when they had their affair.

Recollections on all sides differed, with Cook claiming that he used to shop at a toy store where Bianchi worked in 2004 and didn't really meet her until 2005.

During her testimony, Bianchi claimed that she met him in the summer of 2003 and once sang him a song over the phone when she was still 17.

He eventually gave her a job in his architectural office, paying her $20,000, and admitting that the potential for sex was an "inducement to hiring her."

They ended up having sex in his office and at two houses owned by Brinkley between 10 and 12 times, according to their testimony, and he showered Bianchi with gifts, buying her a Nissan Maxima in 2005, a $2,000 watch, Victoria's Secret lingerie and leaving $500 for her under a rock and behind a small painting titled "Zeus" in his office.

The car proved to be his undoing, since Platt became upset that Cook had given such a gift to his daughter, whose driving privileges had been recently removed by her parents.

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