Brinkley Divorce Trial Resumes With More Sexcapades

Herman, the court-appointed psychiatrist, today blamed the sexcapades of Brinkley's philandering husband on "colossally bad judgment fueled by narcissism," but said both the randy husband and Brinkley need therapy. He recommended that Brinkley get sole custody of the children, Jack and sister Sailor Lee, 10.

Brinkley dismissed Herman's suggestion that she seek psychiatric counseling. "I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of psychotherapy," she testified. "There are lots and lots of ways to deal with various issues but I will do whatever it takes."

During her testimony, Cook, a professional architect, sat at the defense desk, drawing a detailed architectural rendering of a massive house.

When Brinkley was asked about her own marital history and that she married twice in the two years after separating from second husband Billy Joel, she emphasized how amicable her split with the singer was, saying "there was no sex scandal… no contentious situation created by lies, cheating, fabrication. It can't be compared to this situation."

And her own claims that Cook was prone to speeding were upturned by revelations that she herself had been in at least three car accidents in recent years, which she referred to as "fender-benders," and once drove away after her son and his friend slipped out of the car to go play at Maidstone Golf Course.

As she left court, Brinkley expressed support for Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, who just filed for divorce from the slugger, advising her to "Hire Bob" -- a reference to her lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen.

She said she doesn't regret marrying Cook because "I have [daughter] Sailor as a result of that union." Jack is Brinkley's son with third husband Richard Taubman.

Joint Custody 'Out of the Question'

Herman opened the fourth day of the down-and-dirty divorce trial by telling the court that Cook's narcissistic behavior "did irreparable damage" to their kids and that Brinkley should get sole custody of their two children.

Joint custody, Herman said, was "out of the question" due to the tense relationship between their parents.

Herman didn't completely exonerate Brinkley in his scathing review of the parents, but his assessment of Cook was brutal.

The trial has featured a string of steamy revelations about Cook's sex life, including a fling with an 18-year-old office assistant, a $3,000-a-month tab for online porn, and the fact that he masturbated in front of his home computer cam.

The sordid details continued to spill out of the courtroom today as Herman, appointed by the court to help settle the competing child custody claims, said that Cook had confided that he has had 35 sex partners in his life.

Herman said that Cook's affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi reflected "colossally bad judgment fueled by narcissism."

According to Herman's report, Cook "needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy -- handsome, accomplished, etc. While some people need some feeding of the ego, Mr. Cook has an insatiable appetite." Cook also lacks "insight into his own personality and how that impacts on others."

In the report, Herman wrote that Cook's "selfishness, narcissism and childishness has caused great harm to his children."

While it's "normal" for men to look at computer pornography, it's "outside of the bell curve for men to show themselves and engage in certain direct sexual behavior over the Internet," Herman wrote.

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