Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf


Eddie Murphy is taking on the smallest role of his career in "Meet Dave." The flip side of being large and heavy in "The Nutty Professor." Eddie is a creature from another planet who's less than two inches tall. Of course, when he comes to earth he's disguised as a human. Enough about the plot. Eddie just loves those off-the-wall comedies. He told me,:

"Well when I do these pictures, this is my comfort level. Doing a movie like this, even though technically there's so much more that goes into a movie like this and doing something like Dreamgirls – this is easier for me to do. When I'm going for the laugh, I know how to go for the laugh. And doing something like Dreamgirls, it's dramedy, you're trying to catch these dramatic moments and dancing and singing, and that was really scary. But this is like, this is where I come from... this is all the same root from Saturday Night Live and "Coming to America," "The Nutty Professor," this is all that stuff."

Okay, forget the special effects it took to make "Meet Dave." -- there's nothing computer generated about Eddie's comic talent.


"Journey to the Center of the Earth" is a wild ride, especially in 3D. When you put on those glasses, everything from a T-Rex to vicious man-eating giant fish are in your face. But what really makes the action exciting is Brendan Fraser and his co-stars who face up to the terror filled challenges. Brendan reveals he felt that pain,:

"You saw our faces-- that was really us. We really were getting plunged underwater. We were coming bouncing down off of what we affectionately dubbed 'the cheese grater wall' because it was made of this sort stucco to create a rocky surface. And, one misstep, and 'Zing,' raspberry on the elbow. 'Hook me up with another Sponge Bob band-aid.' Let's just say there's little acting required. But it can be slightly perilous and bruised knees, displaced joints and sore muscles can ensue."

Poor Brendan, he got more hard knocks in the latest sequel to "The Mummy" – "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" coming later this summer.


Ron Perlman is back as just what we need -- a super-hero for the Bud Light crowd in "Hell Boy 2." Hell Boy still needs a six pack and a stogie to get ready for action, but when he faces the bad guys, the body count mounts. Ron reveals the sequel has more fantastical villains than ever, but that isn't changing what makes hell boy unique::

"He's good. He's bad. He kind of straddles the fence. So there's a duality that's kind of grappling within him to decide, which are the more predominant elements. And that's what makes it interesting to watch. But it's wrapped up in a guy, who is just a beer drinking, cigar chomping, football watching, you know, degenerate, who would much rather be home eating nachos than out saving the world. And if it was a choice, if he could make that choice, the nachos would win every time."

The massive red-faced Hell Boy isn't exactly a hunk, but Perlman loves the look. He says, "There's not one angle of Hell Boy's face that is not incredibly beautiful to look at. It is as magnificent a sculpture as I've ever seen."