Hired Guns: Armed Guards Latest Celeb Accessory

In a MySpace entry from June 2007, Lohan wrote: "a former friend, one who was supposed to protect me, instead did the opposite and ran to some british (sic) tabloid to get a couple dollars. He's stolen cameras/memory cards, panties, jewelry & even money. he's a con artist and that's the reason he was fired last year. He will be held responsable (sic) for the false stories & recent pictures he's been circulating verywhere (sic)."

Weaver, who got into the business after coming to Eddie Murphy's rescue during a brawl at a nightclub where he worked and was subsequently hired to protect the actor, has learned how to coexist with the paps.

"Their job is to get you into a heated argument," he said. "That's their shot: Lindsay on the ground with her skirt over head fighting. Princess Diana fell right into that paparazzi trap. She should have just posed. You can't outrun them. Sometimes you give them that picture, it's nothing and they leave you alone."

Eric Ford, a photographer who has been shooting celebrities, primarily on movie sets, since 1997, said the tension between paparazzi and celebrity muscle has eased over the last five years, as "people have accepted the paparazzi as mainstream kind of media."

Still, he won't forget having a gun aimed at him by Pitt's security team.

Pitt, newly married to Jennifer Aniston, was filming "The Mexican" in 2000 in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. Ford and another photographer were hiding among the cactuses when Pitt strolled out to, ahem, relieve himself.

"That's when he saw us. I think he thought we got a picture of him taking a pee," Ford told ABCNews.com. "He sent his bodyguards and it got ugly. They took out guns and they got physical. It was a scuffle. They took our cameras, they took our cell phones and they put us in handcuffs. The cops ended up coming after 10 minutes and they arrested the security guards and charged them with false imprisonment."

The producers ended up paying a monetary settlement to Ford and the other photographer.

Henry Flores, co-owner of Buzz Foto in Los Angeles, also had guns pointed at him by Pitt's security team when he and a group of other photographers followed the hunky actor and ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

"We were going to take pictures of them walking out of a restaurant," Flores said. "Suddenly, we were surrounded by five bodyguards, ex-federales, ex-cops, all pulled guns and said, 'If you guys move, we will annihilate you.' I was the only Spanish-speaking person and I told everyone to stand still. If that had happened in the U.S., I would have called the police myself."

That's exactly what he did a few years ago, when he tailed Paris Hilton to a hotel where she was meeting a music industry guy. The security for the industry guy threatened to kill Flores, who left and promptly called 911.

Blair Hanson, another Hollywood-based photographer, said he was threatened with a weapon when he caught Mary Kate Olsen coming out of hair salon. He went for the shot and one of her two bodyguards grabbed his lens and pushed it down.

"I tried to run in front of them and that's when he pulled some kind of badge and flashed a gun," Hanson said. "I said, 'You're ridiculous.'"

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