Ben Stiller Heads to the Tropic

He soon found himself headlining major comedies such as "There's Something About Mary" and "Meet the Parents," and he wrote, produced, directed and starred in 2001's hit "Zoolander." Along the way Stiller fell into the fabled "Frat Pack" circle.

Despite his decade-long streak of success, the actor is still eager for more.

"I'd like to do different kinds of things as an actor and as a director so I hope that I can," he said. "Over the last few years it has been a lot of bigger movies and comedies and I'm ready to change it up a little bit, I think. I never expected that I would be doing movies or that people would even want me to act in movies as much so it's been an interesting few years. But I hope that I can keep on doing different things.

"You need to love the filmmaking process," he said of his drive. "It takes so much time and it takes so much energy, you have to love doing it. It's been the same feeling since doing the Super 8 movies up to doing this."

For people planning on seeing "Tropic Thunder," Stiller had one last disclaimer: "We're laughing at ourselves and the whole world we're a part of. I think we're all a part of it so we can see the ridiculousness of it in ourselves, too, I think."

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